Why Branding Matters

It can seem annoying to chase down every bit of marketing and communication you do and make sure it complies with your brand standards. But, it’s 100% worth it. Brand consistency has a direct impact on your revenue.

Your brand messaging defines the consistent voice and message you and your team use whenever you communicate about your business. A 2021 survey shows brand consistency can increase your revenue by 10-20%.

Suppose you plan to spend money on something outside your expertise, like a camera, a furnace, or a home renovation. How do you feel when trying to make this type of decision?

Most of us feel some amount of overwhelm because of the way that our brain makes our decisions.

The Whole Team Marketing method is based on a relatively new field called consumer neuroscience. We use the latest neuroscientific research to create your marketing program.

doctor and patient with bran scan

Brain scans have revealed when our audience feels confused by an excess of information, they’re unable to make a choice. The antidote to your audience‚Äôs confusion is consistency, which is why formally defining your brand will pay for itself for years to come.

“Our brain is looking for something simple, and it’s happiest when it finds what it’s looking for.”
-Steve Sands, Neuroscientist
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