reVAMP Your Brand

reVAMP Your Brand

Defining or refining your brand has four components you can remember using the acronym reVAMP. reVAMP reminds you to really explain your:


This includes all visual brand elements like your logo, what fonts you use, your colours and the visual “vibe” you are going for. (Such as modern, polished, formal, casual etc.)
Once defined, your visuals become a symbol of trust and authenticity, so it’s essential to be consistent. 
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These are your clients, the people you want as clients, your network and anyone interested in your work. In other words, your audience. To ensure your marketing is tailored to the right crowd, you need to do the hard work of defining that crowd. 


Your brand message is how you communicate who you are to your audience, and how you demonstrate you understand their needs. Like visuals, it is about cultivating a mood or a vibe.
Messaging does that with words instead of images. Part of defining your brand messaging is compiling the exact language you will repeatedly use to connect with your audience. 
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Brain scans have revealed when our audience feels confused by an excess of information, they’re unable to make a choice. The antidote to your audience’s confusion is consistency, which is why formally defining your brand will pay for itself for years to come.