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Consistent presentation of your brand can increase revenue by 10-20%.”

2021 brand Consistency Report, Marq

Welcome to Your Brand Portal

Your brand portal contains everything you need for marketing your business. Every time you launch a new project or create a new communications tool, the information here in your brand portal will help you stay consistent.
Brand is more than a logo or slogan. It goes beyond your color pallette, although keeping your colours consistent is very important.
Being consistent with how your company looks and sounds sends the message that you are professional and credible at what you do.


Whole Team Marketing is Create That’s training program for marketing small business.
The principles of what you learned in the program can be found here for review anytime.


We use the acronym reVAMP to remember the four aspects of brand.
To access these details for your business, select a box below.

your marketing tactics

These are the tools we will use to bring new leads into your business. Select a tactic to review how it works.
To review how the tactics apply to your business specifically, skip to your marketing plan.

Website/ SEO

Your website is your digital first impression. It should be consistent, fast and appear prominently on search engines.

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Of all the content businesses could produce, blogs give you the best value because they’re multi-purpose. The best kind of blog achieves 3 things:

1. It gives you all the content you need. The effort and research you put into a blog should save you time by being repurposed for email newsletters, social media and video content.
2. It drives traffic to your website, which improves your SEO.
3. It keeps your website fresh and updated, which also improves your SEO.

Email Marketing

Social platforms come and go, but direct contact is forever. An email list turns audience members into customers. You want to regularly contact people in your audience with information that is genuinely useful. If you can’t imagine anyone verbally telling you, “Wow, thanks for sending that. I found it really helpful,” then do not send it.

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Google Local Business

If you’ve ever searched for a business in your area online and the result is a little box with a map and reviews, you’ve used Google Business Profile, formerly called Google My Business. Creating a Google profile is powerful for giving your organization visibility. Make sure your profile is complete and effective.

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Tangible Marketing Collateral

When we say tangible marketing collateral, we mean brochures, postcards, or anything you hand out to clients. It also includes your signage, your business cards and any promotional swag you create, like pens or apparel. It also includes certain digital assets, for example you may decide to create a firm powerpoint presentation. These traditional methods are brought up to date using a dynamic QR code. For example, if you have a QR code on a slide at a speaking opportunity, people in your audience can use it to access your contact info.

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From networking opportunities to speaking opportunities, events give you an audience to convert into clients. For industries where it is unseemly to use paid advertising, event sponsorship could provide brand recognition without diminishing your credibility. This could include sponsorship of events in your niche such as conferences or golf tournaments.

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Media Relations

Media relations can include traditional media like TV and the newspaper. It can also include digital media like podcasts and influencer marketing.

This is a tricky tactic, because some aspects are more effective than others. For an overview of my favourites and some cautionary notes, check out the articles below.

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Review and Referral Program

Yes, you likely already encourage positive reviews and proactive referrals. However, many small business owners fall into the trap of thinking cultivating referrals are a somehow inferior or less reliable way of bringing in business. In fact, referred business can be scaled so it remains a consistent funnel of clients, but it needs deliberate planning.

Reviews may seem like a separate tactic at first thought, however they are actually just a type of referral. In a review of your business, a positive review is a way that an existing clients help incoming clients trust you. Multiple studies have demonstrated that word of mouth is more effective than any kind of paid marketing method at attracting and retaining clients.

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Your Marketing Plan

Let’s take action! Your marketing plan is your lead generation roadmap for the next three months.

It tells you how much time you can expect to spend on each tactic, and when they should be deployed.


We’re here to answer any questions you may have. Well, any marketing questions anyway.

Actually, come to think of it, we’ll take a crack at any question you want to throw us, marketing-related or otherwise.

We love to help.